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지속 가능성 : 화장품 산업이 그린 업되는 방법
Sustainability: How the Cosmetics Industry is Greening Up
발   행   사 : Wiley 저       자 :
체         제 : 368 pages 발  행  일 : 2013-11
ISBN/CODE : 978-1-119-94554-3 수       량 :  
$150.00 -> 177,000원 Hard Copy Version

This book addresses the growing importance of corporate social responsibility and sustainability in the cosmetics industry, highlighting the need to consider, evaluate and implement approaches which balance economic, environmental and consumer demands throughout all aspects of sustainability; ingredients, formulations, packaging, ethics and certification organisms. The overriding purpose of this book is to outline methods of reducing environmental and social impacts of cosmetic products by highlighting industry best-practices.

Topics covered include environmental and social impacts of cosmetic products, energy and waste Management, green formulations and ingredients, and green standards, certification schemes and indices in the cosmetics industry. Case studies are incorporated looking at ethical sourcing of raw materials, biodiversity, sustainable packaging, and marketing green brands.  The book concludes with a summary of the key findings in the book and some growth projections. What are some of the shortcomings in sustainability in the cosmetics industry and what can we expect to see in the future?

This is the first book on the market to focus on sustainability in the cosmetics industry, presenting both business and technical perspectives. Covering a diverse range of subjects, this book will appeal to many key sectors of the beauty industry that are increasingly concerned about ethical and ecological issues.

보툴리늄 독소 -화장품 및 임상 응용
Botulinum Toxins - Cosmetic And Clinical Applications
발행사 : Wiley-Blackwell | 발행일 : 2017-07-12 | 가격 : $ 199.95 -> 235,941원 Hard Copy Version $ 0 PDF Version | 저자 : Cohen | 체제 : 400 Pages | ISBN/CODE : 9781444338256
화장품 피부 과학 - 제품 및 절차 2E
Cosmetic Dermatology: Products and Procedures, 2nd Edition
발행사 : Wiley-Blackwell | 발행일 : 2015-10-28 | 가격 : $ 245 -> 289,100원 Hard Copy Version $ 0 PDF Version | 저자 : Draelos | 체제 : 560 Pages | ISBN/CODE : 9781118655580
지속 가능성 : 화장품 산업이 그린 업되는 방법
Sustainability: How the Cosmetics Industry is Greening Up
발행사 : Wiley | 발행일 : 2013-11 | 가격 : $ 150.00 -> 177,000원 Hard Copy Version $ 0 PDF Version | 저자 : | 체제 : 368 pages | ISBN/CODE : 978-1-119-94554-3
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