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글로벌 및 중국 자동차 터보 차저 산업 보고서
Global and China Automotive Turbocharger Industry Report, 2019-2025
발행사 ResearchInChina
발행일 2019-03
체제 Pages:170
자료문의 견적요청 장바구니
개요 목차

With the increasingly serious problems like atmospheric pollution and high dependence on crude oil, energy conservation and emission reduction need to be implemented urgently. The automobile industry undoubtedly becomes one of target industries, and energy-saving and new energy vehicles will be the future development trend. The market size of automotive turbocharger, one of the most important technologies for energy saving and emission reduction of automobiles thanks to its energy efficiency and technology maturity, has been ballooning accordingly. In 2018, the demand for automotive turbochargers in China rose 7.1% year on year to 8.045 million units, and the installation rate reached 33.29%. With the continuous upgrading and implementation of China's emission standards, automotive energy conservation and emission reduction will remain a major concern in the near future. Countries have set the timetable for phasing out internal combustion engines, but most of them are not legally effective. What’s more, the supportive projects for new energy vehicle will still take time. In short, the upgrade of traditional power technology will still be the mainstream in the next decade, and the turbocharged market will show enormous development potentials.


From the perspective of market segments, Chinese automotive turbochargers are mainly divided into gasoline turbochargers and diesel turbochargers. Due to different fuel combustion efficiency, the installation rate of diesel turbochargers has been much higher than that of gasoline turbochargers, for instance, the former hit 76.3% while the latter was only 27.7% in 2018. In future, gasoline turbocharger will see a fleetly growing installation rate, expectedly reaching 62.4% in 2023 given stricter environmental requirements.

In competition, international turbocharger giants Garrett Motion (a spin-off from Honeywell in 2018), BorgWarner, MHI and IHI have almost monopolized Chinese gasoline turbocharger market as the operating speed and temperature of gasoline turbochargers require high-quality materials and processing technology. It is difficult for Chinese players to break the foreign monopoly in the short run, because they lack high-end innovation in the design and development of core turbocharger components (such as compressors and turbines), the reliability of their products desires to be much improved, and they forayed into the field late. Only Ningbo Vofonturbo and Hunan Tyen Machinery can support low-end vehicle models of Chinese automakers. As for diesel turbochargers, the world-renowned suppliers of commercial vehicle turbocharger consist mainly of Garrett Motion and Cummins, both of which seize handsome shares in the Chinese market, especially for high-end vehicle models. Chinese competitors such as Hunan Tyen Machinery, Kangyue Technology, FuYuan Turbochargers and Weifu Tianli target the medium & low-end commercial vehicle market and the construction machinery market.

Global and China Automotive Turbocharger Industry Report, 2019-2025 by ResearchInChina highlights the following:

20120114.gifOverview of the automotive turbocharger industry (including definition and classification, technical characteristics, development trends, industrial policies, etc.);
20120114.gifOverview of global and China automotive industry (automobile output, etc.);
20120114.gifMarket size, competitive landscape, etc. of global turbochargers;
20120114.gifMarket size, demand structure, automaker layout, etc. of Chinese turbochargers, especially automotive turbochargers;
20120114.gifDemand for diesel and gasoline engine turbochargers in China;
20120114.gifOperation, turbocharger business, development in China, etc. of eight global turbocharger manufacturers;
20120114.gifOperation, turbocharger business, R&D, development strategy, etc. of eight Chinese turbocharger manufacturers.

글로벌 및 중국 자동차 터보 차저 산업 보고서
Global and China Automotive Turbocharger Industry Report, 2019-2025
발행사 ResearchInChina 발행일 2019-03
가격 $2,800 -> 3,640,000원 체제 Pages:170
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