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산업 응용을 위한 스마트 센서들
Smart Sensors for Industrial Applications
발행사 CRC Press
발행일 2013-05-29
체제 598 Pages
자료문의 견적요청 장바구니
개요 목차


  • Provides a comprehensive review of both groundbreaking technology as well as applications in the field of smart sensors
  • Discusses trends as well as fundamentals and analytical perspectives on some underlying technologies
  • Examines developments in electronics, photonics, mechanics, chemistry, and biology with applications in engineering, healthcare, industrial production, defense, military, and communications
  • Includes contributions from international experts
  • Contains more than 320 illustrations


Sensor technologies are a rapidly growing area of interest in science and product design, embracing developments in electronics, photonics, mechanics, chemistry, and biology. Their presence is widespread in everyday life, where they are used to sense sound, movement, and optical or magnetic signals. The demand for portable and lightweight sensors is relentless in several industries, from consumer electronics to biomedical engineering to the military. Smart Sensors for Industrial Applications brings together the latest research in smart sensors technology and exposes the reader to myriad applications that this technology has enabled.

Organized into five parts, the book explores:

  • Photonics and optoelectronics sensors, including developments in optical fibers, Brillouin detection, and Doppler effect analysis. Chapters also look at key applications such as oxygen detection, directional discrimination, and optical sensing.
  • Infrared and thermal sensors, such as Bragg gratings, thin films, and microbolometers. Contributors also cover temperature measurements in industrial conditions, including sensing inside explosions.
  • Magnetic and inductive sensors, including magnetometers, inductive coupling, and ferro-fluidics. The book also discusses magnetic field and inductive current measurements in various industrial conditions, such as on airplanes.
  • Sound and ultrasound sensors, including underwater acoustic modem, vibrational spectroscopy, and photoacoustics.
  • Piezoresistive, wireless, and electrical sensors, with applications in health monitoring, agrofood, and other industries.

Featuring contributions by experts from around the world, this book offers a comprehensive review of the groundbreaking technologies and the latest applications and trends in the field of smart sensors.

터널 전계 효과 트랜지스터 (Tfet) - 모델링 및 시뮬레이션
Tunnel Field-effect Transistors (TFET): Modelling and Simulation
발행사 Wiley-Blackwell 발행일 2016-10-03
가격 $95 -> 150,000원 체제 208 pages
첨단 칩리스 RFID : 60GHz에서 MIMO 기반 영상 - ML 검출
Advanced Chipless RFID: MIMO-Based Imaging at 60 GHz - ML Detection
발행사 Wiley 발행일 2016-08-19
가격 $95 -> 156,188원 체제 304 pages
LCD(액정 크리스탈 디바이스)의 본질
Fundamentals of Liquid Crystal Devices, 2nd Edition
발행사 Wiley 발행일 2014-10
가격 $95 -> 167,500원 체제 592 pages
산업 응용을 위한 스마트 센서들
Smart Sensors for Industrial Applications
발행사 CRC Press 발행일 2013-05-29
가격 £95 -> 147,250원 체제 598 Pages
나노포토닉스 : 디바이스, 회로와 시스템
Nanophotonics: Devices, Circuits, and Systems
발행사 CRC Press 발행일 2013-05-08
가격 £95 -> 69,735원 체제 178 pages
실리콘 포토닉스 핸드북
Handbook of Silicon Photonics
발행사 CRC Press 발행일 2013-04-26
가격 £95 -> 167,400원 체제 851 pages
고속 포토닉스 상호 연결
High-Speed Photonics Interconnects
발행사 CRC Press 발행일 2013-04-05
가격 £95 -> 147,250원 체제 223 pages
슈퍼스펙트럼 데이터 처리 : 알고리즘 설계와 분석
Hyperspectral Data Processing: Algorithm Design and Analysis
발행사 Wiley 발행일 2013-04
가격 $95 -> 243,688원 체제 1164 pages
Reliability of MEMS: Testing of Materials and Devices
(MEMS의 신뢰성 : 재료와 장치의 테스팅)
발행사 Wiley 발행일 2013-04
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마이크로웨이브 포토닉스, 제2판
Microwave Photonics, Second Edition
발행사 CRC Press 발행일 2013-03-21
가격 £95 -> 147,250원 체제 496 pages
3D 기계 비전 핸드북 : 광계측 및 영상
Handbook of 3D Machine Vision: Optical Metrology and Imaging
발행사 CRC Press 발행일 2013-03-15
가격 £95 -> 153,450원 체제 414 pages
지능 센서 네트워크 : 센서 네트워크, 신호 처리와 기계 학습의 통합
Intelligent Sensor Networks: The Integration of Sensor Networks, Signal Processing and Machine Learning
발행사 CRC Press 발행일 2012-12-15
가격 £95 -> 119,335원 체제 674 Pages
Handbook of Power Systems Engineering with Power Electronics Applications, 2nd Edition
(전력 전자 응용과 전력 시스템 공학 핸드북, 제2판)
발행사 Wiley 발행일 2012-12
가격 $95 -> 200,000원 체제 796 pages
Handbook of Microwave Component Measurements: with Advanced VNA Techniques
마이크로웨이브(마이크로파) 부품 측정 핸드북 : 고급 VNA 기술
발행사 Wiley 발행일 2012-09
가격 $95 -> 168,750원 체제 652 Page
OLED 디스플레이 기초와 응용
OLED Display Fundamentals and Applications
발행사 wiley 발행일 2012-07
가격 $95 -> 104,938원 체제 256 Page
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