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Corrosion and Materials in the Oil and Gas Industries
( 석유와 가스 산업에서 부식과 재료들)
발행사 CRC Press
발행일 2013-04-26
체제 721 pages
자료문의 견적요청 장바구니
개요 목차


  • Reviews the state of the art in corrosion management, including strategies for corrosion identification, prevention, and mitigation
  • Reveals the limitations and misunderstandings about concepts currently used in corrosion management, providing readers with valuable insight for finding solutions and better interpreting field findings
  • Covers a wide breadth of corrosion science and engineering topics related to the oil and gas industries, including microbial corrosion, economical aspects of corrosion, the role of design, corrosion hazards, corrosion protection of underground crude pipelines, material selection, and metallurgy in oil and gas
  • Draws on the expertise of contributors from major oil- and gas-producing and -exporting countries
  • Includes more than 380 illustrations, plus an eight-page color insert


The advancement of methods and technologies in the oil and gas industries calls for new insight into the corrosion problems these industries face daily. With the application of more precise instruments and laboratory techniques as well as the development of new scientific paradigms, corrosion professionals are also witnessing a new era in the way data are gathered and interpreted. Corrosion and Materials in the Oil and Gas Industries draws on state-of-the-art corrosion and materials technology as well as integrity management to offer guidance on dealing with aging and life extension in the oil and gas industries.

Get Expert Insights on Corrosion Identification, Prevention, and Mitigation

The book features contributions by engineers, scientists, and business managers from around the world, including major oil- and gas-producing and -exporting countries. Organized into four parts, the book first provides introductory and background information. The second part explains the properties of construction materials and the underlying mechanisms of degradation, including a chapter on microbiologically influenced corrosion. The third part of the book delves into inspection and maintenance issues, examining material selection, corrosion prevention strategies, and the role of design. It also supplies models to help you estimate corrosion damage and select mitigation and monitoring techniques. The fourth part tackles corrosion hazards, safety and risk, and reliability. It also links corrosion mitigation and the management of asset integrity, highlighting the need for companies to maintain their infrastructure to remain competitive.

Interpret Field Findings More Confidently and Discover Solutions to Your Corrosion Problems

Throughout, this richly illustrated book combines theory with practical strategies and examples from industry. As infrastructure ages and is pushed beyond its original design life to meet increasing energy demands, it is essential that those responsible for managing the infrastructure have a thorough understanding of material degradation and corrosion. This book is an invaluable reference for anyone involved in corrosion management and materials selection, particularly in the oil and gas industries, whether upstream, midstream, or downstream.

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Corrosion and Materials in the Oil and Gas Industries
( 석유와 가스 산업에서 부식과 재료들)
발행사 CRC Press 발행일 2013-04-26
가격 £127 -> 196,850원 체제 721 pages
유용한 에너지로 바이오매스를 변환하기 위한 기술들 : 연소, 가스화, 열분해, 굽기와 발효
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Electrochemical Supercapacitors for Energy Storage and Delivery: Fundamentals and Applications
발행사 CRC 발행일 2013-04
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신재생 에너지 : 첫번째 코스
Renewable Energy : A First Course
발행사 CRC Press 발행일 2013-03-22
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Biomass as Energy Source: Resources, Systems and Applications
발행사 CRC 발행일 2013-03
가격 $127 -> 275,000원 체제 300 Pages
슈퍼캐패시터 : 재료, 시스템, 및 애플리케이션
Supercapacitors: Materials, Systems, and Applications
발행사 Wiley 발행일 2013-03
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Solar Energy, Batteries and Energy Storage: Assessments of Federal Initiatives(Energy Science, Engineering and Technolog)
발행사 Nova 발행일 2013-02
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태양광 발전 시스템의 최대 에너지 수확을 위한 파워 일렉트로닉스와 제어 기술들
Power Electronics and Control Techniques for Maximum Energy Harvesting in Photovoltaic Systems
발행사 CRC Press 발행일 2012-12-18
가격 £127 -> 154,923원 체제 366 pages
Hydrogen Storage Technology: Materials and Applications
수소 저장 기술 : 재료와 응용
발행사 CRC Press 발행일 2012-12-11
가격 £127 -> 153,450원 체제 520 Pages
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