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세포와 조직 공학 영상
Imaging in Cellular and Tissue Engineering
발행사 CRC Press
발행일 2013-05-16
체제 95 pages
자료문의 견적요청 장바구니
개요 목차


  • Describes image processing and image analysis technologies that enable researchers to examine the intricate details of cells and tissue constructs outside and inside the living body
  • Includes case studies that illustrate clinical applications of cellular and tissue engineering
  • Discusses the limitations of various imaging techniques
  • Highlights unmet needs to stimulate development of novel imaging techniques and facilitate further innovations in repair and regeneration research


Details on specific imaging modalities for different cellular and tissue engineering applications are scattered throughout articles and chapters in the literature. Gathering this information into a single reference, Imaging in Cellular and Tissue Engineering presents both the fundamentals and state of the art in imaging methods, approaches, and applications in regenerative medicine.

The book underscores the broadening scope of imaging applications in cellular and tissue engineering. It covers a wide range of optical and biological applications, including the repair or replacement of whole tissues (such as bone, cartilage, blood vessels, and bladder) and more novel artificially created support systems (such as artificial pancreas and bioartificial liver). Each chapter describes a particular application, relevant optical instrumentation, physical principles governing the imaging method, and strengths and weaknesses of the technique. The book also presents current and emerging data processing procedures.

As the field of tissue engineering moves from creating simpler outer body parts to more sophisticated internal organs, researchers need to evaluate and control how well the tissues are engineered and integrated into the living body. Suitable for both experts and newcomers in bioengineering and biomedical imaging, this book shows researchers how to apply imaging techniques to next-generation engineered cells and tissues. It helps them assess the suitability of specific imaging modalities for applications with various functional requirements.

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세포와 조직 공학 영상
Imaging in Cellular and Tissue Engineering
발행사 CRC Press 발행일 2013-05-16
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Proteins in Solution and at Interfaces: Methods and Applications in Biotechnology and Materials Science
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Handbook of Biofunctional Surfaces
생물학적 기능 표면의 핸드북
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Biomass Conversion:The Interface of Biotechnology, Chemistry and Materials Science
발행사 Springer 발행일 2012-05
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Bacillus: Cellular and Molecular Biology (Second Edition)
바실러스 : 세포질과 분자 생물학 (제 2판)
발행사 Caister Academic Press 발행일 2012-01-01
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Aquaculture Biotechnology
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세포 생리학 자료집 : 멤브레인 생물 물리학 필수 사항
Cell Physiology Source Book : Essentials of Membrane Biophysics
발행사 Elsevier 발행일 2012-01
가격 $95 -> 187,438원 체제 996 Page
식물, 생명 공학 및 농업
Plants, Biotechnology and Agriculture
발행사 CABI 발행일 2011-11
가격 $95 -> 181,250원 체제 312 Page
식물 생명 공학 및 농업 : 21 세기를위한 전망
Plant Biotechnology and Agriculture:Prospects for the 21st Century
발행사 Elsevier 발행일 2011-11
가격 $95 -> 249,938원 체제 624 Page
어업 및 수산 양식업의 생명 공학 및 유전학
Biotechnology and Genetics in Fisheries and Aquaculture
발행사 wiley 발행일 2010-04
가격 $95 -> 199,938원 체제 216 pages
생물 부착
발행사 wiley 발행일 2009-12
가격 $95 -> 287,438원 체제 456 pages
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